The 2000 Incident: Tragedy at Roskilde.

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Roskilde concert tragedy. Nine concertgoers were tragically killed and another thirty injured during Pearl Jam’s performance at Roskilde. The tragedy shook the festival to its core including the band. This is the article I wrote last year in commemoration of the tragedy. I thought it fitting that we revisit it again this year.

If It Happened Yesterday, It's History


The first ever staging of the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, Demark, was in 1971. It had progressively grown from humble beginnings to be one of Northern Europe’s biggest musical festivals. Annually, tens of thousands of music fans visit Roskilde at the end of June. Some of the worlds biggest acts have played there, including Status Quo, U2, Lou Reed, Eric Clayton, Metallica and Leonard Cohen to name a few. On 30th June 2000, Pearl Jam was playing as a headline act at Roskilde. Unfortunately, for fans, event organisers and Pearl Jam, the 2000 event will only be remembered for its tragedy.

Pearl Jam had belted out eleven of their songs to an audience of approximately 50,000 strong before they broke into one of their more melancholy songs called Daughter. It was at this point that they realized something was wrong in the audience. Responding to…

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